Music for listening.

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Re: Music for listening.

Post by Spiritwind »

Spiritwind wrote:
Sat Oct 10, 2015 5:46 pm
And last but not least for today, two of my all time favorites, Imagine and Love is Real by John Lennon

I’m bumping this from over 4 years ago. Still two of my favorite songs - on my mind today.
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Re: Music for listening.

Post by Christine »

Thank you Shane Bales for sharing this video on Facebook .... Damien Rice & Cantus Domus (It Takes a Lot to Know a Man) | One To One

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It was in Oct. 2016, in Berlin, during Michelberger Music.
Between each show of the festival, we were kidnapping a person in the audience, which we were taking to a secret room where an artist was waiting.

For more than ten years, La Blogotheque has changed the way people experience music videos. We film beautiful, rare and intimate sessions with your favorite artists, and the ones you are soon to fall in love with. Come, stay a while, and be taken away.

Between the two of them, a unique experience : a One To One concert.

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Filmed by Colin Solal Cardon, Curly Comas, Ilan Cohen
Edited by Melissa Sadouni
Color by Théo Lamury
Mixed by Andi Toma

Produced by Michelberger, La Blogothèque, Les Petites Planètes

Based on an idea by Damien Rice, developed by Damien Rice and Chryde during Michelberger Music in Berlin, Oct. 2016

Kidnapping : India Love and Jason Dibler
Tibetan Bowl : Priscilla Telmon

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