Creating Sovereignty Through The Science Of Nature w/ Topher Gardner

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Creating Sovereignty Through The Science Of Nature w/ Topher Gardner

Post by Christine »

I first heard Christopher Gardner speaking on an interview with Owen Benjamin and found his knowledge parallel to some of my research. After listening to him on Alpha Vedic today I am more certain than ever that we are approaching a time when we will finally be able to access the endless supply of energy from the Aether.

Chris'topher' Gardner is a Domesteader, builder, massage therapist and Podcaster from South Florida. After being immersed in the study of Vedanta Advaita he found himself in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle studying Viktor Schauberger, John Worrell Kelly, and Nikola Tesla for energy and food sovereignty.

The quest for self sufficiency brought him to learn how to build domes with Super Adobe and ferrocement.

Just like a musical instrument, we need to be tuned when we pick up and hold a discordant pattern.

"Our bodies are living tuning forks that constantly ring at the same frequency as our environment."

"Body work is a signaling system that reminds the body and bio-electric field of it’s healthy harmonic. I have been trained how to manipulate the nervous system to find it’s highest octave of expression."

Having the ability to mold buildings and people with his hands has benefitted his hybridizing tendencies.

This year Christopher is launching his Coral Domes company in the Ozarks of Missouri while streaming with legends from around the world on the Biocharisma Podcast. The BioCharisma Podcast is an exploration of resilience with entrepreneurs. Having the courage to step outside the box and forge a beneficial direction is the epicenter of these conversations. The banter is grounded in reality while having the levity of inspiration in very much the same way we do here on Alfacast.

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Re: Creating Sovereignty Through The Science Of Nature w/ Topher Gardner

Post by karelia »

Christopher Gardner, aka Topher, has spent over a decade in Costa Rica building with bamboo, practicing permaculture and providing clients with geometrically harmonious structures for farming and living spaces. In this chat we talk about his vast experience with biodynamic and radionic principles, orgone technology, and consciousness expansion.

In the Plus+ Extension we dive into the advantages of non-rectangular building styles, eating seasonally for health, the magic of water, radionics and ether physics, being an spiritual creditor, and the link between demonic possession and physical parasites.

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