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“It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them!”
― Friedrich Nietzsche
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📚 Audiobook Channels

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As I often have my hands busy sitting down to read has its time limitations. Over time I have found some very valuable channels that publish free audiobooks. Going to link a few of them and add more as I find ones I think are important. Other than Orwell's 1984, I haven't listened to these, they are from my open tabs. 😉

Brian Scott
THIS IS PART 1 - The Red Lion The Elixir Of Eternal Life (You can find PART 2 here

"This is a great story of a soul awakening who has to face all his demons. When he drinks from the Philosopher’s Stone, otherwise known as The Red Lion, it creates within a fully awakened consciousness, however, he’s not ready for that level of awareness. In drinking from the cup, he tune’s into vital information and, as a result, remembers every lifetime. Follow him through several continuous lifetimes on his soul’s journey back to enlightenment. " - Dr. Joe Dispenza

"Never has a book stayed in my imagination the way The Red Lion has. It easily qualifies as the best book I have ever read and I am beyond an avid reader. Words can’t really describe how profound this book is. A towering achievement as a novel, it is a titan in the metaphysical fiction genre." - Megan Sebastian

An extraordinary compilation of ancient teachings layered and woven through a fast paced harrowing tale of gripping prose. This book is as remarkable as its author and tales of publication. Immediate Life Library, to be read and reread, shared and treasured.

When it was published in Hungary in 1946 it was the best selling book of the year but within two years was quashed by the Communist regime, who ordered all copies destroyed. Four copies survived, saved by the senior librarian at the main library of Budapest, himself a philosopher and scholar.

In 1553, obsessed by the Elixir of Life, Hans Burgner begins serving as a famulus to a Magister. After repeatedly asking for and being denied the Elixir, he kills his master and rips the potion from around the Magister’s neck.

Because he obtained the Elixir by murder and before his mind and body are ready, Hans is trapped with dark, chaotic forces in the eternal life he craves. Lifetime after lifetime he wakes in a different body with the veil of forgetfullness lifted. He must become an Adept himself to rise above the forces he contends with, enduring the trials and training each lifetime bring him. These various lifetimes will lead him to the places, experiences and people who will teach and guide him as he learns the process of alchemy and turns himself from a base man into a Magus.

He will travel with the illustrious Count St Germain, come into contact with well known personages such as Casanova, Marie Antoinette, Frederick III of Denmark, and the glittering aristocracy at the highest courts of Europe.

He must also journey to the lowest point of humanity to complete the circle, along the way mastering the Eleven Rules, the Six Duties and the Sixteen Secret Signs of the Order.

Altrusian Grace

The Gospel Of Truth - Nag Hammadi Library Gnostic Scripture - full narration - Gnosticism, Gnosis. The Nag Hammadi scriptures are essential texts for those interested in Gnosticism, alternative Christian or esoteric views, or who are on a personal spiritual path.
The Nag Hammadi available here: https://amzn.to/2lzpFoa
#truth #gnosis #gnosticism

Steve Parker Audiobooks

Part 1,
Intro 00:00:00
Chapter 1 00:00:12
Chapter 2 00:39:43
Chapter 3 00:58:28
Chapter 4 01:16:54
Chapter 5 01:39:13
Chapter 6 02:10:49
Chapter 7 02:23:24
Chapter 8 02:50:42
Part 2,
Chapter 9 03:36:25
Chapter 10 04:00:09
Chapter 11 04:19:45
Chapter 12 04:39:22
Chapter 13 05:00:44
Chapter 14 05:20:35
Chapter 15 05:26:41
Chapter 16 05:42:50
Chapter 17 06:06:19
Part 3,
Chapter 18 07:53:09
Chapter 19 08:24:12
Chapter 20 09:09:59
Chapter 21 09:40:45
Chapter 22 09:59:25
Chapter 23 10:09:44

Rudolf Steiner Press Audio

From "Eternal and Transient Elements: The Cosmic Past of Humanity and the Mystery of Evil cw184"

(Titles of individual videos in general not titles given by Rudolf Steiner)


All rights reserved. Rudolf Steiner Press in association with Rudolf Steiner Audio.

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