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“I wonder if aliens deny that we exist?”
― Anthony T.Hincks
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Tom Montalk | Gnosis - Universal Consciousness | Aliens and Demons

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Hola friends of Earth Empaths,
Life on the ground has kept me busy, I would like to write an update but will do so on another thread. Shifting through all the information "out there" it is soul uplifting to come across a long-form talk that echos, in a most articulate way, my own experiences and realizations. Tom Montalk at his best, everyone can find something to take away from this interview.

Re-upload due to Tengra's channel getting removed.

0:00 - Introduction
04:10 - How Tom analyses the information and draws conclusions
12:40 - Tom's encounter with Grey aliens
25:16 - How Tom deals with his experiences and defends himself
36:00 - The Entire Reality of the Universe
49:33 - The different levels of Consciousness within creation
01:03:32 - The biggest mistake one can make with a good heart
01:07:43 - How to differentiate between our Ego and Spirit
01:18:40 - When would a human soul go down the wrong path?
01:23:02 - Do narcissist elites have a genuine spirit like us?
01:29:58 - Differentiating Dimension, Realm, and Density
01:38:00 - What’s the purpose of beings present in the 4th dimension?
01:41:55 - Difference between Angels-Positive Aliens, and Demons-Negative Aliens
02:05:00 - The Equation of Life
02:10:47 - Tom’s experiences with different forces
02:19:48 - The time when Tom almost died
02:29:07 - Why Positive beings hold more power than negative beings
02:41:42 - How Negative and Positive Forces Work in this Matrix
02:54:51 - The prominent alien disinformation out there
03:07:12 - Key Ways to Distinguish Between Positive and Negative Aliens pretending to be Positive
03:09:47 - Alien Influences in Our Religions
03:19:40 - Political Organisations and Aliens
03:24:43 - Why don’t Aliens enslave us forcefully instead of manipulating us?
03:29:18 - The Spiritual Fuel Source Cycle ft. Veganism
03:35:30 - Why Kids Suffer in Satanic Rituals
03:40:16 - How to defend against interference from negative forces
03:49:36 - Things I learnt from Tom Montalk
03:32:17 - How Tom operates in his Life
03:55:41 - Awareness: The Simplest Thing to Solve All the Problems
03:59:37 - Why do negative entities feed on our energy?
04:03:01 - How Tom’s work helped me in my Life
04:04:06 - Law of Attraction vs. Law of Awareness
04:11:23 - Follow Tom Montalk’s work.
04:14:50 - From Nothingness to the Creation of Consciousness
04:18:39 -End Note

Also available on Odysee:
Yohan on Twitter:
The journey, the challenge is to step into the
projection room and stop being lost in the script.
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