Big Pharma Is Fooling You Again, and You Don't Even Know It

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Big Pharma Is Fooling You Again, and You Don't Even Know It

Post by Cristian »

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Re: Big Pharma Is Fooling You Again, and You Don't Even Know It

Post by Christine »

Hey Cristian, Thank you for posting this interview with Tucker Carlson. I don't watch everything Tucker puts out as I find him somewhat ingenious at times, at least he has a huge audience so more people are being exposed to what we've known forever. ūüėč Well, maybe not forever but you know what they say: Once the truth is seen it can't be unseen.

I did watch the video yesterday and was pretty surprised that this former big-pharma dude, Calley Means, was so spot on. It was also clear from his speech and body language how passionate and also disturbed he is by what he knows. Tucker giggles like a silly kid at times, leaving me wondering if he really didn't know how long ago the beans have been spilt on "this genocidal plot against human beings." While my quoted words may sound drastic to some, personally, I have no doubt that this is the intention.

Many don't know what I do and have done for over 40 years now. I woke up to the pharmaceutical scam before my 20's though I must say it's a long road to fully capture the depth of the deception. Today there is no doubt left that the reckless and very profitable drug market has captured not just the minds of people but the news agencies themselves.

I have had my little supplement shop and café for five years now, every encounter with a fellow human being is a learning experience. For over a year I have taken to offering my services as a health advocate, this involves taking a thorough medical history, reading labs and other tests, investigating the effects of the pills they are taking and then formulating a protocol to help walk folks back to natural health. It's often a thankless task for WAY too many people don't know the first thing about their bodies and when I mention dietary changes as a first measure they will often balk and not come back. How did people become so docile and irresponsible to their own self, not to mention injecting poison into their children's bodies. At least I can now say that more and more people are taking the blinkers off and realizing that the doctors are truly indoctrinated by the drug companies. Some get angry, others are slack jawed incredulous that their doctors didn't warn them about the all too prevalent "side effects" which are actually the effects of being routinely poisoned.

I recently read what someone else wrote: "Ok, so you are awake, now what?" I would say that question is a constant in the mind of millions, if not billions.
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