🌱 Casa Serenidad 2024

“La verdad es que mientras más enojado estoy con este país y más lejos viajo, más mexicano me siento.”
― Jorge Ibargüengoitia, Instrucciones para vivir en México
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🌱 Casa Serenidad 2024

Post by Christine »

Since I finally logged onto the forum I might as well go with the flow. . .

Lots going on around me these days even as I stand rather centered in stillness, all the while feeling the currents pulling me in multiple directions at the same time. Takes some nifty balance to not get swept away. It is looking like I am going to be able to construct another building on the property, been working on the design for a few days now. It's going to be built on a song and a prayer. I will be the architect, contractor, and overseer—part of me is super excited but the other part is thinking; omg! Are you actually going to do this again??

Casa Bella - Guest House: Two bedroom, one bath, with an open living area and wrap around porch.

I haven't measured the chosen plot yet but think I am in range. I stubbornly refuse to take down any native trees or cactus so am designing around them. I don't even like pruning which I seriously need to get over. I did top the two olive trees since they were looking especially scraggly, can tell they appreciated the care.

Meanwhile through the dreary winter months I have been doing a few gardening projects, they seem to take forever since I only have Jaime one day a week for seven hours. He certainly doesn't balk at hard work but I have to make sure I am checking or working with him. Here are a few recent photos from life at Casa Serenidad.

Front porch looking through the corner windows, potted plants from cuttings

Jaime taking down a dead tree, we pulled it over with his four wheeler after he hacked out the roots.

Back to glorious weather.The acacia tree went in the ground along with a willow.

Grey water pond, needed because the water outflow was water logging some trees—like the one that died.

It literally took months to design the pond, source the material, dig the hole, fill it in and plant the papyrus with the horsetail. Even so there must be a leak somewhere because the ground downhill is still wet. In the end it turns out for the good because I decided to plant a few trees that love wet ground all year round. That balance thing, go with the flow so that even mistakes turn out favorably.

Closing shot of the sunset a few nights ago.

The sun it out and the garden calls— water us please my new seedling call.
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