Antarctica Disclosure - ROBERT SEPEHR

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Antarctica Disclosure - ROBERT SEPEHR

Post by Spiritwind »

If you have any interest in Antarctica, this is a new just released video by Robert Sepehr. It’s an hour long, so not too big a chunk of time. I’m only 20 minutes in, but will watch the rest after morning chores. I find it all very fascinating….

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Re: Antarctica Disclosure - ROBERT SEPEHR

Post by Christine »

A semi-lazy Saturday morning so I will take a few moments to post a response. Laurie knows my immediate thoughts on watching the above video as I couldn't contain them in the moment they arose, so might as well put them out here. Perhaps🤔, maybe❔, hopefully🤞, prayerfully🙏 someone will share theirs. Due to outdoor duties calling I will copy and paste my responses to Laurie from our private chat.

Hey Laurie, I just saw you posted the new Robert Sepehr video on the forum. I tried to watch it but turned it off half-way through. Please let me know what you think after watching, I will try to finish it though honestly something felt off about it. Could just be me but I found some of the information skewed.

I found the young guys lecture totally off putting. If I heard correctly he was big on the big bad Nazis infiltrating the government and that McCarthy was put in place to misdirect to the communist.

I recall our joint viewings and it is fascinating. Agartha is calling me strongly.

What bothered me too was Robert giving him glowing reviews and honoring him. I will have to watch it to the end.

Exactly and he disappeared so he doesn't hold any weight in my mind. I might do a search on him. I often find links to Reddit and there can be interesting discussions.

Yup, first thing I pulled up was a Reddit thread on Jason Rice (young guy in the video). It's an interesting read.
The weird thing on the thread is that they are tying his verbiage to Corey Goode. No wonder I didn't trust him.

It begins to smell like stirring controversy for views and clicks. I will watch the video to the end and we will talk on Sunday. More than anything, when the three of us get together to share something very real gets affirmed.

It doesn't take long to see who is behind Jason Rice... and he was promoted by Gaia.
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