“It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them!”
― Friedrich Nietzsche
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This video seems to have sparked a lot of interest, I certainly found it fascinating. It's as if by shifting perspective a whole different story develops, more and more I am stumbling toward a recognition there is only one language, call it the language of Light that has been scripted into all texts, old art and architecture.

Having spent several decades researching the roots of Christianity along with my personal connection to Yesuha-Jesus-Essa-Emanuel I have transversed many a varied pathway; from traditional Biblical theology to Coptic-Gnostic texts, listened to the song of Mystics, have even listened to those who attempt to prove no such being ever existed. In every case across all disciplines and mystical interpretations I came to discover and then fully recognize that every single human being who takes this journey of Spirit will have a personal and unique perception, this finding has not only set me free from judgement it has taken me ever closer to home—the Christ within.

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of my research has been the focus trying to untangle the web of Judeo-Christianity and the animosity to Islam. I have written fairly extensively on the forever-wars of the three Abrahamic religions, something always seemed very askew, even inverted about what we have been taught; ie: indoctrinated to believe. What always struck me as false was the zealot like belief that if someone doesn’t accept Jesus as their personal savior they would forever burn in hell. Sadly, this fear laced admonition has way too many Christians freighted of looking anywhere outside the sanctioned versions of the Bible.

With the onset of the worldwide blood sacrifice of October 7th, perpetrated by the wicked hand of Zionism and surely in conspiracy with the unseen “church fathers” this quest for truth became all the more poignant, for it became very easy to detect in my good and loving friends a dislike (putting it mildly) a fear shrouded hostility to those of the Muslim faith. This hostile fear was locked in place by the ritual of 9/11, the Muslim was the ruthless blood thirsty enemy that must be defeated.

There is an ultimate truth, the circumcised heart of love. No religion or doctrine can give this to anyone.

This particular video had me in a state of being that again had me resonating at a frequency I know as Truth. It doesn’t matter that it is simply laying down a bread crumb trail for what I recognized more fully is just how scripted and inverted our history is. Surely with an open heart one can see that there was a time when a worldwide culture of beauty and knowledge of the Christ Light. As humanity is hurled off the edge into a great awakening we are called to remember in full who we are.

Did Jesus live in Europe and speak Arabic?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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A comment under the video worth sharing:

“This is one of those videos I’m definitely going to watch again. FINALLY we are talking about Constantinople!!!! This is such an incredible rabbit hole to go down. I love where we are going with this but can’t help but wonder why the Armenians aren’t mentioned as they are so incredibly crucial to what is now modern day Turkey. In fact Turkey still to this day denies the fact that the Armenian Genocide happened, when the evidence is undeniable. There is a film called “Ravished Armenia” 🇦🇲 starring Aurora Mardiganian who is an Armenian Holocaust survivor and it is graphic, terrible but most importantly historically accurate. The Armenias were the builders of these architectural structures, and also a lot of that pseudo Arabic is actually Armenian! Mind Unveiled I love your channel and I’m on the edge of my seat as always excited for how you will outdo yourselves now. I love that you are talking about Constantinople. I would love it if you looked a little deeper into the history of Turkey and how a lot of it used to be Armenian land and how even though they have changed some names of places to sound more Turkish, the original Armenian names are still distinguishable despite them trying to make them sound more Turkish. I know it’s going to create waves, but it’s time the truth comes out. Once you look into the Armenian language you will begin to see it in all of these artworks I was ecstatic that the writings were pointed out, but in fact some of what you called pseudo Arabic was actually Armenian! I love that you made this video and I’m so excited to see where this new journey takes you and us as your audience!!! I absolutely love that you’ve pointed out the old architecture in Constantinople in the background of the crucifixion renaissance paintings and have a feeling that has something to do with Armenian early Christianity and the history of Armenia. I’m thrilled this is all coming out and also the fall of Armenia aligning with the times of the possessed King Pap. I can hardly wait to watch and learn more with you both. My Grandma would be so proud. She was 100% Armenian of the Nercessian line. Nercess is St. Nick. We are related. The history is so fascinating and you are scratching the tip of the ice burg my friends. Also remember the orphan trains???? In an older video I saw a picture of my Grandmother as a baby even though she herself was not an orphan. A lot of those orphans I can guarantee you were Armenian as the genocide caused so very many of them to be orphaned and needed to be rehomed. They were put on trains and sent far away from their homeland and families who had been slaughtered. In 2020 genocide started up again in Armenia during covid, yet the world was looking elsewhere and many people failed to notice. I can’t help but notice that the renaissance style clothing and Armenia style clothing is almost identical!!!

Thank you for bringing awareness my friends!!!!

With love from your sailor friend"
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