🙄 What's All the Hubbub About July 15th?

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🙄 What's All the Hubbub About July 15th?

Post by Christine »

I can't recall when or where this speculative "event" came across my screen but since I am always interested in remote viewing I watched a video in the wee hours of the morning during which I fell into that in-between sleep and wakeful state while listening. I had some interesting visuals, layers of different hazy lights morphing and changing with no clarity, my senses felt that this "event" and the sudden attention on the date was part of a matrix-like program, not natural. I continued to lay in stillness when a place broke through my consciousness. It is so easy to discard these messages though it kept repeating and then something else was detected, which I will write about after posting this video from two of the remote viewers that I listened to this morning.

The thing about clif high's web bots is that they are reading human use of words and the building emotions behind them—on the internet of all places, I would think by now that people would realize how many bots, fake accounts, and AI generated voices there are. For myself this discredits his method of predicting anything, whether by agenda or ignorance is hard to say. I have stopped following his predictions years and years ago for several reasons. In general I normally ignore people who put dates on some event in the future, it is inevitably tied to fear mongering and the events don't come to pass. Nor can I trust someone who presents as an authoritarian voice, over the years by doing my own research it's easy to spot when another is presenting a skewed view and the amassed "followers" dutifully fall in line. Clif has come back on my radar because a few well meaning friends who are still novice's in the deceptive play book think he's the cat's pajamas. LOL

So being my own caveat I have no way of knowing if what I "received" has any validity though feel it isn't a bad idea to document it. The first place I was drawn was Australia, something to do with the Earth energies of Ayer's Rock (Uluru) I have "visited" this place before with a good friend and we explored what appeared to underground tunnels and chambers. The next place that was noted was Pine Gap, again another friend and I shared information many years ago, more along the research line of this "secret" US Military base.

We all know that the fake alien invasion is in the dark hands card deck, we also know about Project Blue Beam. These scenarios have been played out into the human consciousness for so long now—the Norway Spiral was in 2009, that I don't think they are preparing in this manner. If I now guess, there is an energy based type of weaponry and it will be projected at the moon. Not sure if it's a holograph or actual man-made craft but it is definitely meant to shock. From my perspective it will be used as a distraction to send a large amount of "awake" people down another rabbit hole of research and speculation which won't be resolved. Just like the assassination of JFK, Twin Towers, Moon Landing Hoax, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and on and on. Once again a large swath of human consciousness will be channeled into a place where there is no resolution.

There you have my thoughts, as always I am curious if anyone has anything to add.
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Re: 🙄 What's All the Hubbub About July 15th?

Post by Fred Steeves »

Cliff High seems to be a good beginner's bone to chew on when people first get into this type of thing. I remember stumbling upon him early on in my ongoing awakening process, probably 2009/10sh, when his infamous web bots had seen that the US dollar was going to start crashing out of control on a certain morning, at a certain time.

Well lol gullible me sat there watching the clock with one eye, a cable news channel with the other, and waited for the big event like it was New Years Eve or something. Obviously nothing happened, but ole Cliff kept it up as the years went by, to the point where he placed himself in David Wilcock type territory. When I stopped even listening to what he had to say at all was during Covid, where he was doing the work of the establishment in rendering more division amongst people in elevating non vaxxed people into chosen ones status (that never ends well) with the title of "Pure Bloods".

"We the Pure Bloods" type of shit, and then there's those dirty little vaxxed vermin running about at out feet. Do you remember that?

So in respect to RV. I know it's real, but these official programs come from such shady origins with shady characters deep in the belly of the CIA that I've never known what to believe, or disbelieve. People like Col. John Alexander, Hal Puthoff, Kit Green and Ed Dames etc. I don't trust as far as I can spit.

This new era with people like Dick Algire who just happened to be in the video you shared I know much less about, never researched the individuals the way I did the originals so it's hard to say too much. What I can say though, is that these sessions remind me a lot of those ghost hunter tv shows I used to watch back in the day. You know where nothing of consequence is ever discovered show after show after show, but the intrigue is sky high and the big reveal is always just around the corner?

So I just stopped paying attention to that as well. You mentioned sending "awake" people down a rabbit hole? Not sure it rises to the level of rabbit hole, but surely waste of time territory. As always I'm fully prepared to change my mind on anything at any time, but someone's gotta "show me the money" so to speak, some results that actually matter.

Every year I think about attending the IRVA convention in Vegas, to see these people up close and personal, rub elbows with them, talk to them, ask questions, look them in the eye - That, would be the next step in assessing their authenticity. Too bad that funds don't really allow for just hopping a plane to Vegas and spending a few days, it would probably prove very enlightening one way or the other with a closer look.

Now aside from all of that, I see the Western world in general, the US and UK especially, as simply drowning in propaganda and psyops. It's ubiquitous. So pervasive it's like living under water, with the water being psychological manipulations. It's like that's all we're made of any more. "We" don't stand for anything, don't hardly produce anything, have nothing to offer the world except for war. The system and its mouthpiece media nothing but lie upon lie.

I try to compartmentalize it all, and do a pretty good job of it, but at times like now when I choose to "go there" and let it all come rushing in, the tears come... Like Commander Worf from Star Trek would say: "There is no honor in this".

I know I'm jumping around here, but another quote often comes to mind not from a tv Psy-Fi character, but a major world leader, ole Vladimir Putin when he recently said of the West: "The vampire ball is coming to an end". That's a very astute observation IMO, as I see it from my vantage point in the belly of the vampire.

I reckon all this ties together in that there's just not all that much out there that's genuine, that doesn't come with some kind of angle of manipulation - whether it be for a cheap easy buck or the latest psychological manipulation to keep people divided and in line with the program/narrative. There are some real authentic things happening out there, just that with precious few exceptions it's not coming from the West any more.

And bringing it all back home, this is the overall light I currently see Cliff High, and remote viewing in for example.
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