the watchtowers

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before."
-Edgar Allan Poe
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the watchtowers

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Not sure why the heck i failed to add these.

Both of these dreams were a few years ago, four or five at the most. I think right before i moved to walla walla.

The first dream.

I'm standing at the woodline of a tall pine forest looking downhill over a region that has been clear cut.

Snow covers everything.

In front of me between me and the clear cut forest is a very old wooden watchtower in total disrepair. Covered in snow and ice and missing pieces of wood.

I turn and my dream double indicates that I must climb the tower. I wake up.

Next dream i mentioned here already in the standing rock thread.

I'm walking with my husband on a gravel or dirt road. Reddish or tan hue. It looks like Montana or Dakotas.

We come up beside a metal watchtower and adjacent bridge. My husband vanishes from the dream as an African American woman in a desert US army uniform steps down from the tower to shake my hand. I get the impression maybe she is not alive or that I'm crossing from one reality to another with her help.

I turn toward the bridge and wake up.
Brotherhood falls asunder at the touch of fire!
He finds his fellow guilty of a skin
Not coloured like his own, and having power
To enforce the wrong, for such a worthy cause
Dooms and devotes him as his lawful prey.
~William Cowper

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